Unconfirmed quake or seismic-like event being reported by residents in Lakeland

Residents in the Lakeland area are reporting that they felt the ground move and shake on January 12th.

On Jan 12, at 2:51 p.m., the event was recorded at latitude / longitude: 54.2989°N / 110.86304°W  near Bonnyville.

Local resident Brad Pinhorn says, “What I felt was a low rumble followed by all of our overhead doors shaking and squeaking then about one second later we heard and felt the building move a bit.”

Pinhorn says he then went into the office and his boss felt the same. However, Pinhorn is not the only resident who felt it.

The event was also felt by workers in a shop off of Highway 660. A worker felt the shop shake.

As this is a developing story, the magnitude of the event recorded is unknown at this time.

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